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Continual Assessment 1 (#1): Section I

Fill in each blank with a suitable word.
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Have you been to a home of the Japanese? If you (1) __________ go into   a Japanese house, you must remember to take off your shoes because (2) __________ will dirty the fine straw mat which covers the (3)___________. Instead of walls, the rooms in most Japanese houses (4)___________ sliding   doors. You must push one of these doors (5)___________ if you want to get into a room.

A Japanese (6)____________ is usually very large. In the centre of the room there may be (7)____________ low table with small flat cushions around it.   Many Japanese rooms have no other (8)____________. Perhaps you will see a bowl of flowers or a long silk painting (9)____________ one of the walls. You may be surprised to see that there are (10)___________ bedsteads. The Japanese has a mattress which he unrolls (11)___________ at bedtime.

The Japanese usually takes a bath (12)___________ his meal in the evening. Most houses have a Iarge bath for the whole family. However, no one washes (13)____________ the bath! The Japanese washes (14)_____________ before he gets into the big bath. The water is very hot. (15)____________ , the Japanese is used to having a hot bath. After the bath, he puts on a loose robe and has his evening meal.

Short Answer

(1) ever
(2)  they
(3)  floor
(4)  have
(5)  aside
(6)  room
(7)  a
(8)  furniture
(9)  on
(10) no
(11) only
(12) before
(13) in
(14) himself
(15) However

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