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Continual Assessment 1 (#1): Section G

From the list of words given, choose the most suitable word for each blank.

(A) such          (D) when          (G) he          (K) unless          (N) and
(B) an             (E) by              (H) the          (L) that              (P) what
(C) they          (F) if                 (J) so           (M) in                (Q) or
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Most people communicate with one another through a particular language in the form of speech and writing. Some people (1)__________ as the deaf and dumb are unable to do (2) __________ .They cannot use language (3)___________ the ordinary way. Nevertheless, (4)__________ can still communicate with others. They have to rely on sign language (5)___________ they want to communicate. They can also do this (6)___________ using finger-spelling. Here the letters of
(7)___________ alphabet are shown by different positions of the fingers on one (8)___________ both hands.

Sometimes deaf people also lip-read to 'hear' (9) ___________ others are saying. They observe the speaker's lips carefully (10)__________ he is speaking. They try to make out the message in this way.

Short Answer

(1)  A
(2)  J
(3)  M
(4)  C
(5)  F
(6)  E
(7)  H
(8)  Q
(9)  P
(10) D

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