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Mid Year Examination (#3): Section I

Fill in each blank with a suitable word.
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Marly's class was studying about China. One day, her (1)______________, Miss Singh, told the students that kites were (2)______________ in China more than 2000 years ago. She also mentioned that most Chinese have a (3)______________ for kites and people of all (4)______________, young and old, go to the parks to fly them on sunny and windy days.


Miss Singh explained that Chinese kites are always colourful and are often beautifully decorated to look like dragons, butterfiles or other (5)______________. Then, she announced an unusual homework assignment. She asked each student to make a kite and (6)______________ it to class the following week. "The Chinese make kites  that represent something important to them," she said. "each of you should make a kite that signifies something important to you."


Marly did not like the assignment. She (7)______________ her shoulders and grumbled that she did not know how to make a kite as she walked home that afternoon. She decided to ask her father for (8)______________. Marly explained to her father that the kite had to (9)______________ something to her.


Papa asked, "What do you think of when you see a kite?"


As Marly thought for a moment, her mind filled with (10)______________ of things that flew such as planes and birds. "Eagles," she replied.


Papa nodded and agreed that an eagle design would make an excellent kite (11)______________ eagles are proud and fierce.


Marly and Papa got two rods of balsa wood and bound them (12)______________ the shape of a cross. Papa cut a square out of an old white bedsheet and Marly painted a great golden eagle on the sheet. Then they stretched the sheet over the rod and made a diamond-shaped kite. Finally, Marly tied a long (13)______________ to the bottom of the kite and it was completed.


Next, Marly and Papa took the kite to the park and (14)______________ it. The kite flew perfectly. Marly (15)______________ the string and made the kite swoop so that the eagle dived to the earth and flew back up again. Marly and Papa had an enjoyable time at the park and walked home happily.

Short Answer

1) teacher


2) invented


3) liking


4) ages


5) animals


6) bring


7) shrugged


8) helped


9) mean


10) images


11) as


12) into


13) string


14) flew


15) jerked

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