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Mid Year Examination (#3): Section G

There are 10 blanks, numbered 1 to 10, in the passage below. From the list of words given, choose the most suitable word for each blank. Write its letters (A to Q) in the blank. The letters (I) and (O) have been omitted to avoid confusion during marking.





(A) about (D) among (G) from (K) or (N) which
(B) after

(E) between

(H) however (L) since (P) who
(C) although (F) for (J) in (M) to (Q) with

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Charles M. Schutz bids a fond farewell to fans in his last daily Peanuts comic strip. (1)_______________ a 50-year career, Schutz is thanking the millions who have made Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the rest of the gang (2)_______________ the most beloved cartoon figures (3)_______________ the world.


"I have been fortunate to draw Charlie Brown and his friends for almost 50 years," Schutz writes in his farewell note (4)_______________ takes up the entire panel. A gentle man (5)_______________ an easy touch, Schutz had one point which he would not budge: only he would draw Peanuts.


Schutz, 77, announced that he would stop drawing Peanuts (6)_______________ treat a newly diagnosed case of cancer. Ms Paige Braddock, a Schutz aide, said the cartoonist was resting. (7)_______________, she added that her boss seemed willing to discuss ideas (8)_______________ a video.


"I don't think he will come back to the daily strip but he may have other outlets, like books (9)_______________ videos," Ms Braddock remarked, "he's still thinking (10)_______________ the characters."


Peanuts is published in more than 2600 newspapers reaching 355 million readers in 75 countries and 21 languages.

Short Answer

1) B


2) D


3) J


4) N


5) Q


6) M


7) H


8) F


9) K


10) A

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