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Mid Year Examination (#2): Section I

Fill in each blank with a suitable word.

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Do you enjoy reading? Books are important in our daily (1)______________. Reading is not only an interesting (2)______________ but also a useful one as it provides us (3)______________ knowledge and information. Through reading, we can get to know many things, including how people in other parts of the world live.


We can also improve the (4)______________ of our language through reading. Most students acknowledge that reading can widen their vocabulary and (5)______________ them to write compositions (6)______________ effectively. They are thus able to express (7)______________ better.


Besides empowering us to be effective writers, reading also enables us to pass our leisure (8)______________ meaningfully. By reading books, magazines and newspapers, we can increase our general knowledge and (9)______________ up with the current affairs.


However, we must read widely. Reading only newspapers and magazines (10)______________ not enough as they do not provide adequate information and details. There are all (11)______________ of books on different subjects and of various interests. It is therefore important that all of us (12)______________ full use of the books that are available in public (13)______________.


It is good to cultivate the (14)______________ of reading. It is never too (15)______________ to start. You can begin today.

Short Answer

1) lives


2) hobby


3) with


4) vocabulary


5) helps


6) more


7) themselves


8) time


9) keep


10) is


11) kinds


12) make


13) libraries


14) habit


15) late

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