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Mid Year Examination (#2): Section G

There are 10 blanks, numbered 1 to 10, in the passage below. From the list of words given, choose the most suitable word for each blank. Write its letters (A to Q) in the blank. The letters (I) and (O) have been omitted to avoid confusion during marking.




(A) as (D) those (G) on (K) therefore (N) was
(B) that (E) where (H) for (L) in (P) even
(C) more (F) to (J) most (M) which (Q) were

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The Eiffel Tower of Paris is one of the most famous monuments (1)______________  earth. Whenever someone tries to promote France or (2)______________ Europe, an image of Eiffel Tower will (3)______________  probably be used.


The Eiffel Tower, which was created by Gustave Eiffel, was completed in 1889 (4)______________  a tribute to the Franch Revolution. This had promoted the three most important values, equality, liberty and fraternity, (5)______________  the French. Even today, more than a century later, the French continue to be proud of these values. When the Eiffel Tower was completed, it created quite a stir as it was the first of its kind anywhere (6)______________  the world. Other engineers from Britain and America had tried to create an iron structure like (7)______________  of the Eiffel Tower, but all their efforts (8)______________  in vain as their structures were not stable enough. The Eiffel Tower was (9)______________ something that many French people are proud of until today. They had succeeded (10)______________  others had failed.

Short Answer

1) G


2) P


3) J


4) A


5) F


6) L

7) B


8) Q


9) K


10) E

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