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Mid Year Examination (#1): Section I

Fill in each blank with a suitable word.
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We had no torch. The (1)______________ that came through the chinks in the boards was pale and weak. We blundered (2)______________ the dark. We held hands and (3)______________ our free hands out in front of us. We walked into the wall. We caught our toes on the loose floorboards. We (4)______________ as we climbed the stairs. We shuffled (5)______________ the first landing. We felt for the (6)______________ of the door to the room where we thought we had left Skellig. We inched the door open. We whispered, "Skellig! Skellig!" No (7)______________. We moved forward (8)______________, arms outstretched, feeling forward with our feet before we took each (9)______________. Our breath was fast, shallow and trembly. My (10)______________ was thundering. I opened my eyes (11)______________, glared into the dark, seeking the shape of his body on the floor. Nothing there, just the blankets, the pillow, the plastic dish, the beer bottle rolling (12)______________ from my stumbling feet.


"Where is he?" whispered Mina.


"Skellig," we whispered. "Skellig! Skellig!"


We turned (13)______________ to the landing again. We stumbled up the next (14)______________ of stairs. We opened many doors, we stared past them into pitch black rooms, we whispered his name, we heard (15)______________ our own breath, our own uncertain feet, his name echoing back to us from bare floorboards and bare walls.


Adapted from "Skellig" by David Almond

Short Answer

1) light


2) through


3) put


4) stumbled


5) towards


6) knob


7) answer


8) together


9) step


10) heart


11) wider


12) away


13) back


14) flight


15) nothing

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