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Continual Assessment 1 (#2): Section D

Read the passage carefully. Choose the most suitable word from the words given in the box.


(A) both

(B) while

(C) before

(D) as

(E) since

(F) when

(G) and

(H) after

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  Susan and her brother, Joseph, could hardly wit to visit the museum. They had not been there (1) _____________ the last school holidays. They loved to look at the exhibits there. (2) _____________ they entered the museum, their parents had to buy the entrance tickets. Susan and Joseph read the brochures on the new exhibits (3) _____________ waiting for their parents (4) _____________ they had their tickets, they rushed towards the turnstiles at the entrance.

 Susan and Joseph headed straight for the dinosaur exhibit. (5) _____________ of them chatted excitedly about their favourite dinosaurs (6) _____________ they made their way to the exhibition.

Short Answer

(1) E

(2) C

(3) B

(4) H

(5) A

(6) D

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