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Continual Assessment 1 (#1): Section E

Read the passage carefully. Choose the correct word from the words given in the box and choose letter (A to N) for each blank. The letters 'I' and 'L' have been omitted in order to avoid confusion.
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(A) screaming
(B) urged
(C) warning
(D) delighted
(E) crowded
(F) a few
(G) heard
(H) saw
(J) frightened
(K) lift
(M) manner
(N) talking

 Sally was a telephone operator. One day, while at work, she (1) _______________ a booming noise and raised her head. All around her, people stopped (2) _____________ on the phone. All of them heard the loud sound but no one knew what it was. Suddenly, Sally (3) _____________ thick smoke spurting out of the vents near the office windows. She knew that something was terribly wrong and (4) ______________ everyone to leave the building immediately.

 Sally felt (5) ______________. She grabbed her handbag and headed down the stairs. She saw her friend Daniel heading towards the (6) _____________. She advised him not to take it as the smoke and flames could trap him inside.

 They moved quickly towards the staircase. It was (7) ______________ but the people were all moving in an orderly (8) _______________. Everyone remained very calm even though they were all anxious to get out of the building as quickly as possible.

Short Answer

(1) G
(2) N
(3) H
(4) B
(5) J
(6) K
(7) F
(8) M

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