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Mid Year Examination (#3): Section H

Fill in each blank with a suitable word.
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 Elephants are the largest animals on land. They have a good sense of (1)______________. Their long trunks are used to sniff the air and help them detect the scent of animals around them. The trunks also suck up water and act like water hoses during bath time. When elephants are in a cheeky (2) _____________ they may even spray water at one another!

 Besides picking up food and placing them in their mouths, elephants also (3) _______________ on their trunks to lift heavy loads. You cannot fathom nor imagine their usefulness when it comes to trunks lifting tree trunks!

 An elephant walks slowly, most of the time, because of its gigantic (4) _______________. However, it can certainly run fast when the need arises. During a commotion, when noise (5) _______________ rise or when it is simply agitated, frightened or angry, it trumpets and announces its displeasure, loudly, to those around it. However, elephants are still my favourite kind of animals!

Adapted from http://kids.nationalgeographic.com

Short Answer

(1) smell
(2) mood
(3) depend
(4) size
(5) levels

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