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Mid Year Examination (#3): Section E

There are 5 blanks, numbered 1 to 5 in the passage below. From the list of words given, choose the most suitable word for each blank. Choose letter (A to H) for each blank.
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(A) at
(C) with
(E) down
(G) for
(B) by
(D) off
(F) on
(H) to

 Dave was the only son of a farmer. His father's farm was far out in the country. Dave and his uncle, Jim, worked at Stan's Farm for a long time. Then Dave's father died. Dave said, "I needn't stay here now. I'll sell (1) _____________ this farm and buy one in a better place. Then I'll soon be rich!"

 So Dave bought a farm in the east of the rural country. His new neighbours dropped (2) ____________ for a visit. They told his uncle, "The weather here is often very bad. Instead of breezy days, there are heavy storms. The wind is so strong that it breaks glass windows and destroys tree and plants. You must build an underground shelter. Then you and your nephew will be kept safe."

 So the two men worked hard and built a special room under the ground. It was hard work, but they laboured (3) ____________ tirelessly until the shelter was completed. However, for a long time after, the weather was good. There was no wind and Dave muttered angrily, "Why did I listen (4) ___________ my silly neighbours? I needn't have wasted my time and energy on building that room!"

 One night, there was a strong wind, followed by claps of thunder and a massive storm. Dave and Jim were safely hiding (5) ______________ there for a long time. Finally morning came and the sky was clear again. They found their windows broken and doors damaged. Plants had been uprooted  and several trees had fallen over.

 Dave smiled happily and said, "Ah! I am glad we did build that room after all!"

Adapted from L A Hill's Stories

Short Answer

(1) D
(2) B
(3) F
(4) H

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