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Mid Year Examination (#2): Section H

Fill in each blank with a suitable word.
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 Dogs are very sociable animals. When owners go out and (1) ____________ their dogs alone, the dogs get worried and agitated. Dogs should be trained to be on their own while still (2) _____________ instead of when they are older and set in their ways. When owners are not around, they should provide some chewable (3) ____________ for their dogs to play with. Leaving the radio or television turned (4) _____________ might also provide soothing background noise and help reduce their anxiety.

 Howling is a form of communication. Dogs do it to tell one (5) ___________ where they are. Some dogs howl when they are lonely, while others do it when greeting strangers whom they are seeing for the (6) _________ time. Some even howl to music and do this (7) _____________ it is fun.

 When it comes to training dogs, giving rewards is a far better way then using (8) _____________. Food makes an excellent reward, and if they do not respond to this, owners should try touching them. A simple pat (9) ____________ stroke is all that is needed. Words of praise work well too, (10) _______________ not as well as food or touch. It helps if owners spend more time with their dogs.

Adapted from "Do I Bark Too Much?", Reader's Digest

Short Answer

(1) leave
(2) young
(3) toys
(4) on
(5) another
(6) first
(7) because
(8) punishment
(9) or
(10) but

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