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Mid Year Examination (#1): Section E

Read the passage carefully. Choose the correct word from the words given in the box and choose letter (A to J) for each blank. The letter (I) has been omitted to avoid confusion.


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ID 27225
(A) at
(B) around
(C) by
(D) in
(E) the
(F) their
(G) there
(H) which
(J) who

 The first pencil in the world was known as a "stylus", a thin metal stick made from lead. It was used (1) _____________ the ancient Egyptians and Romans.

 Then, a graphite deposit was discovered (2) _____________ England in the 16th century. People wrapped these graphite sticks with strings, probably so they would not get (3) ___________ hands dirty. As they wrote, they unwrapped the string from the graphite stick. These pencils quickly became popular in Europe.

 Today, graphite powder is mixed with clay and water to create a paste, (4) _____________ is then forced through a thin metal tube to create spaghetti-like strings. The strings are then baked in an oven and cut to (5) ______________ correct lengths. The slivers of graphite are the pencil "lead".

Short Answer

(1) C
(2) D
(3) F
(4) H
(5) E

ID 27226
(A) break
(B) breaks
(C) broke
(D) broken
(E) breaking
(F) have broken
(G) is breaking
(H) was breaking
(J) were breaking

 Steven and Ralph were at home alone. Their mother had gone to the market to get some ingredients for dinner. Before leaving the house, she warned the boys, "Behave yourselves. If anything (1) _____________, you will be very sorry."

 "Don't worry about that, Mother," the boys replied. The boys went back to their room to complete their homework. After about twenty minutes, the boys became bored and decided to play a game of Frisbee in the living room. "Remember, we have to be careful not to (2) ______________ anything here," Steven reminded Ralph.

 "Yes Sir!" Ralph replied cheekily. They were enjoying themselves tremendously when suddenly, Ralph threw the Frisbee too high for Steven to catch. They watched the Frisbee fly towards their mother's favourite case. The vase was knocked off the shelf and was (3) ____________ to smithereens.

 "Now, look what you have done! You (4) ______________ Mother's favourite vase!" Steven shouted at Ralph angrily.

 Suddenly, the boys heard footsteps approaching. "Mother will definitely be furious at you for (5) _____________ her favourite vase!" Steven said.

 "Oh no!" Ralph gasped.

Short Answer

(1) B
(2) A
(3) D
(4) F
(5) E

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