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End Year Examination (#4): Section F

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 Prescription drugs are drugs that can only be prescribed by doctors. A pharmacist is only able to sell prescription drugs to a patient who has a (1) _____________ doctors letter for them.

 Prescription drugs (2) _____________ is usually strong medication for more serious illnesses and must be taken only with clear instructions by the doctor, otherwise, taking them would have harmful effects on your body. While (3) ____________ this drugs are not illegal in Singapore, they are controlled by te Poisons Act and Medicines Act.

 It is illegal to sell or distribute them without licence. (4) ________ thus, if someone tells you that he/she can help you get your prescribed medicine at a cheaper price, remember that no one other than doctors and pharmacists are allowed to do so. Therefore, remember to just say 'No thanks!"

Short Answer

(1) doctor's
(2) are
(3) these
(4) Thus

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