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End Year Examination (#3): Section F

Read the passage carefully. Choose the correct word from the words given in the box and choose letter (A to N) for each blank. The letter 'I' and 'L' have been omitted to avoid confusion.


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(A) advice
(B) applause
(C) commenced
(D) destined
(E) determined
(F) enviously
(G) excitedly
(H) feet
(J) nervous
(K) participate
(M) persuasion
(N) shoulder

 Sarah saw a poster about a swimming competition. Although she was not a good swimmer, she decided to (1) ______________ in it. (2) ____________, she ran to tell her friends about the race. Sarah's friends tried to tell her that all the best swimmers in town would be there but she did not heed their (3) _____________. As Sarah was (4) _____________ to win the race, she practised swimming three hours every day.

 Soon, the big day came. Sarah was beginning to get cold (5) _____________ about the race. She was so (6) ______________ that she plunged into the water too early. The judge asked the competitors to restart the race.

 A moment later, the race (7) ____________. Surprisingly, Sarah finished the race and came in second. She beamed with pride as her supporters gave her a round of (8) ______________. It was an unforgettable day for Sarah.

Short Answer

(1) K
(2) G
(3) A
(4) E
(5) H
(6) J
(7) C
(8) B

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