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Continual Assessment 2 (#3): Section E

Read the passage carefully. Choose the correct word from the words given in the box and choose letter (A to G) for each blank.


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ID 27372
(A) above
(B) in
(C) into
(D) out
(E) through
(F) to
(G) up

 Ali and Peter reached the old man and turned him over. One of them held (1) _________________ the man's head, while the other supported his torso to prevent the old man from drowning. Struggling to keep themselves and the old man afloat, the boys swam as close as they could (2) ______________ the rescue boat. From the boat, Daniel quickly threw a float towards the boys.

 (3) ______________ the water, the boys clung on to the float for their dear lives while trying to keep the old man's head (4) _______________ water. After an hour battling the waves, Ali and Peter were relieved to finally reach the safety of the boat.

Short Answer

(1) G
(2) F
(3) B
(4) A

ID 27373
(A) her
(B) it
(C) their
(D) themselves
(E) they
(F) you
(G0 yourselves

 "Can we please have a dog, Mom?" Wendy and Lucy pleaded. "We promise that we will be responsible. (1) ______________ would be the best birthday present ever!" The children had been asking their parents for a puppy for weeks. Mother was rather reluctant as she was fearful for the long time commitment.

 "I'm not convinced yet. Look at the mess in your bedroom. Both of you don't even pick up after (2) ___________.

 Upon hearing this, the girls rushed to their bedrooms and started to tidy their room. (3) ______________ wanted to prove to their mother that they were dependable. Mother smiled at (4) ____________ prompt reaction. She knew how keen her children were to own a dog. She also knew that the girls would be in for a big surprise when their father got back that evening with a special gift for them.

Short Answer

(1) B
(2) G
(3) E
(4) C

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