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End Year Examination (#7): Section E

Read the following passage carefully. Choose the correct answer from the words given in the box and write its lette (A to H) in each blank.


Use each word once only.


(A) measure

(C) compared

(E) preventing

(G) extra

(B) decreased

(D) increased

(F) enough

(H) allowing

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   In the 1980s, a scientist did a project to measure how strong the sunlight over Israel was. He had done the same test twenty years before. When he (1)_____________ the results of his two tests, he was shocked to discover that Israel was getting much less sunlight that it had received before. Further discover showed tht the amount of sunlight reaching the different parts of the earth had (2) _____________ over the years. Scientists called this "global dimming".


   Global dimming is caused by air pollution. Man-made particles such as sulphur dioxide, soot and air float in the air like a blanket covering parts of our planets, (3) _____________ some of the sun's rays from passing though.


   Not letting a lot of the sunlight through might sound like a good idea on a very hot day. However, scientists have discovered that global dimming has harmful effects. Less sunlight means that plants cannot grow well. Because of this crops may die and there may come a day when countries will not be able to grow (4) _____________ food to feed all their people. This will lead to serious consquences.

Short Answer

(1) C

(2) B

(3) E

(4) F


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