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End Year Examination (#6): Section E

For questions 1 to 5, read the passage carefully. Fill in each of the blanks with the most suitable word.
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   One day when Heidi the porcupine went out in search of her lunch, she met a one-eyed raccoon. She was going to walk straight by him (1) ____________ the one-eyed raccoon said, "Won't you stop for a few moments and talk to me?"


   Heidi's (2) _____________ skipped a beat. "You want to talk to me?" she asked in amazement.


   "Yes, please," said the one-eyed raccoon.


   "Why?" asked Heidi.


   "Because I have nobody (3) _____________ in the whole wide world to talk to," said the sad-looking one-eyed raccoon. "Nobody."


   "(4) ______________ have I", cried Heidi. "There are no other porcupines around here and all the other animals say I am much too prickly to be their friend. I don't know (5) __________ they should say that, because underneath I'm not prickly at all." 

Short Answer

(1) when

(2) heart

(3) else

(4) Neither

(5) why

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