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End Year Examination (#6): Section D

For questions 1 to 7, read the passage carefully. Choose the correct word.


Use each word only once.


(A) many

(B) weather

(C) control

(D) place

(E) people

(F) existed

(G) protect

(H) things

(J) cover

(K) health



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   Mother Earth is in a bad shape, (1) ______________ rainforests around the world have disappeared. (2) ____________ are logging and clearing more and more land. Dry (3) ____________ in some countries have also caused forest fires. These sometimes go out of (4) _____________. As a result, many animals that live in those forests are destroyed and our (5) _____________ is also affected by the haze produced.


   Although rainforests (6) _____________ only a small part of the Earth, more than half of the animal and plant species on our planet are found in them! Timber, charcoal, gums, rubber, oils, fruit, coffee, cocoa, spices and medicines are just some of the (7) _____________ we use every day which come from the rainforest.


   We need to do more to make sure that there are still rainforests in the future. One way is to set up nature reserves to (8) ______________ them. Another is to recycle paper and other things whenever it is possible to do so. It should be everyone's duty to care for and about the environment.

Short Answer

(1) A

(2) E

(3) B

(4) C

(5) K

(6) J

(7) H

(8) G

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