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End Year Examination (#6): Section B

For the following questions, read the passage carefully. Choose the correct word from the words given in the box and write its letter in each blank.


Use a word once only.

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ID 21015

(A) sings

(B) sing

(C) sang

(D) sung

(E) singing

(F) were singing

(G) are singing


Taufik loves singing. He (1) ____________ whenever he is happy. Every day, he would (2) ____________ in the bathroom at the top of his voice.


One day, he decided to take part in a (3) ______________ competition organised by Mediacorp. In order to prepare for the competition, he (4) ___________ for two hours daily.


On the day of the competition, he had a sore throat but he was determined to do his best. Taufik's hard work paid off as the song which he had (5) ___________ brought in the most votes and he became the 'Singapore Idol'.

Short Answer

(1) A

(2) B

(3) E

(4) C

(5) D

ID 21016


(A) through (B) at (C) into (D) over (E) along


It was Russell's first day at the new school. He was feeling axious. His father cheered him up on the way there. A teacher who looked very friendly greeted them (1) ______________ the school gate and then introduced herself as Russell's form teacher. She led him to his classroom.


(2) ____________ the way, Russell passed many rooms which were painted with many colourful murals on the outside. He took a peek (3) ____________ one of the windows and was amazed to see a room that was filled with many beautiful pieces of children's artwork. He looked forward to having a good time in the new school.

Short Answer

(1) B

(2) E

(3) A

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