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End Year Examination (#5): Section G

Read the passage carefully. Choose the correct word from the words given in the box and write its letter (A to F) in each blank.


Use each word only once.


(A) herself

(B) himself

(C) itself

(D) ourselves

(E) themselves

(F) yourself

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   Little Cindy was making a mess of herself with the food.


   "Behave (1) ______________!" Mother screamed at Cindy. "Other girls who are of your age all know how to look after (2) ______________, except you!" Mother threw her hands in the air and left the room angrily.


   Lindsay looked at her little sister. When Lindsay was a toddler, she had already learnt to feed (3) ______________, but Cindy was different. She could not eat her food without making a mess of her clothes.


   Billy, their elder brother, stood at the corner of the room. He was ashamed of (4) ______________ as he did not look after little Cindy well.

Short Answer

(1) F

(2) E

(3) A

(4) B

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