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End Year Examination (#4): Section H

Each of the underlined words contains either a spelling or grammatical mistake. A wrong or missing punctuation mark is indicated by a blank.
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Mr Palani, the barber, was cutting a customer's hair. Suddenly, he hear (1) ________ someone shouting .(2) ___ "Fire! Fire!"


Mr Palani quickly took the money from a drawer and rushed out of his shop. He saw smoke curling up from a flat above his shop. A woman ran out from another shop. She screamed when she saw the smoke, "My Son (3) _?_ He's still in the flat!"


Mr Palani imedeatly (4) ____________ rushed up the stairs to the flat. There was smoke everywhere as he entered the flat. Fortunately, he spots (5) ___________ the boy on a bed and grabbed him. He was just in time as the pillow caught fire. Flames spring (6) __________ up everywhere and the smoke was thicker than ever. As he dashed out of the flat, the whole flat began to burn.


Mr Palani breathed in the fresh air with relive (7) __________ as he hurried downstairs to the boy's mother. She hugged her son tightly and thanked Mr Palani for saving her son.

Short Answer

(1) heard

(2) ,

(3) !

(4) immediately

(5) spotted

(6) sprang

(7) relief

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