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End Year Examination (#4): Section G

For each of the questions 1 to 4, rewrite the given sentence(s) using the word(s) provided. Your answer must be in one sentence. The meaning of the sentence must be the same as the meaning of the given sentence(s).
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ID 21208

Tom cannot play computer games. Tom's parents must give him the permission.





Long Answer

Tom cannot play computer games unless his parents give him the permission.

ID 21211

Mr Wong cannot swim. Mr Wong's sister cannot swim too.


Neither _______________________________________________________


nor __________________________________________________________

Long Answer

Neither Mr Wong nor his sister can swim.

ID 21212

Mr Lim asked his wife, "Are we going to visit Jane tonight?"


Mr Lim asked his wife ___________________________________________



Long Answer

Mr Lim asked his wife if they would be going to visit Jane that night.

ID 21215

This is the shop. I bought my piano here.





Long Answer

This is the shop where I bought my piano.

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