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End Year Examination (#4): Section F

Read the passage below. Choose the correct word from the words below in the box. Write its letter (A to K) in each blank.


Each word can be used only once.


(A) buildings

(B) things

(C) lost

(D) hair

(E) view

(F) gift

(G) sights

(H) settled

(J) honesty

(K) nowhere

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   My husband and I visited Singapore last month. We decided to take a bus to see all the (1) ______________ the Garden City had to-offer. Indeed, there were many modern high-rise (2) ______________. We were impressed by the greenery and cleanliness.


   We had just (3) _______________ in our seats when a young, Chinese woman with long jet-black (4) ____________ leant over me and said, "This must be yours. You dropped it at the bus stop."


   I was shocked to see that is was my precious bracelet, a (5) ____________ from my husband last year. The clasp had given way and I had not even noticed it.


   If it were not for the kindness and (6) ______________ of this dear woman, my bracelet would have been (7) ______________ forever. I looked around for her but she was (8) ______________ in sight. I did not have a chance to thank the kind woman. I am very grateful to her and pray that she, in turn, would have kind people to help her through life.


Adapted from Reader's Digest June 2009

Short Answer

(1) G

(2) A

(3) H

(4) D

(5) F

(6) J

(7) C

(8) K

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