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End Year Examination (#4): Section E

Read the passage carefully. Choose the correct word from the words in the box. Write its letter (A to K) in each blank.


Each word can be used only once.


(A) which

(B) under

(C) is

(D) in

(E) for

(F) with

(G) from

(H) are

(J) by

(K) when

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   Mama Berta lives in a village in Africa. She takes care of her young grandchildren. You might be surprised to learn that her biggst worry (1) _______________ something very tiny - mosquitoes.


   Though small, mosquitoes in Africa pose a big danger. Many of them carry a parasite (2) _____________ causes a disease called malaria. When one of these mosquitoes bites a person, the parasite gets into the person's bloodstrem and makes him very sick with headaches, fever and vomitting.


   In many part of the world, malaria is (3) ________________ control. However, in Africa, where malaria is still a big problem, the mosquitoes spread the disease quickly and easily. A child dies every thirty seconds in Africa (4) _____________ malaria. Some adults die too.


   A programme called "Malaria No More" has the answer - mosquito nets. These nets are treated (5) _____________ chemicals that keep the mosquitoes away and kill them on contact. Therefore, these nets which are given to families protect them from malaria while they are sleeping.


Adapted from http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/stories

Short Answer

(1) C

(2) A

(3) B

(4) G

(5) F

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