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End Year Examination (#2): Section E

Read the passage below. Fill in the blanks with the most suitable words.

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ID 20884

Use each word once only.


helpfulness             helping               helped


help                       helps                  helpful


   Every Saturday, Tim's mother bakes cookies. Tim likes to (1) ____________ his mother. He scoops spoonfuls of dough onto the pan and he (2) ___________ to sprinkle chocolate chips on the cookies too. He also likes (3) ____________ his mother with the cleaning up.


   Last week, Tim even (4) _____________ his mother to clean the whole oven. Tim is his mother's little helper. Tim never fails to get a reward for his (5) ____________. This is usually the first pick of the cookies, once they are cooled from the oven.

Short Answer

(1) help

(2) helps

(3) helping

(4) helped

(5) helpfulness

ID 20885

   It was the Lantern Festival. The children in the neighbourhood were looking forward to it. At last, they could display their beautiful lanterns.


   Jenny and her brother, James, could not (1) _____________ for the night to come. Their lanterns were special. Jenny's lantern was (2) ___________ like a space rocket. Both of their lanterns had little light bulbs which (3) ___________ out bright flashes of light.


   Jenny and James proudly paraded their lanterns round the park. They were soon (4) ____________ by other children and their parents. The children's parents also bought mooncakes for everybody. Everyone (5) ____________ eating the mooncakes. James and Jenny could not wait for the next Lantern Festival when once again, they could participate in the lantern parade in their neighbourhood.

Short Answer

(1) wait

(2) shaped

(3) gave

(4) joined

(5) started

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