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End Year Examination (#2): Section D

Read the passage below. Choose the most suitable word from the box and fill in the blanks.


Use each word once only.


footprints              size                 temperatures


bright                  features              dark

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   The Moon is Earth's naturual satellite. It is more than one quarter the (1) ______________ of Earth itself. There are many interesting (2) ______________ such as craters, mountain ranges and lava plains on the surface of the moon. The (3) ____________ left by astronauts on the moon will last for centuries because there is no wind and weather. As there is no atmosphere to trap heat, (4) _____________ on the Moon are extreme, ranging from 100°C at noon to -173°C at night.


   The Mooon does not produce its own light, but looks (5) _____________ because it reflects light from the Sun. Think of the Sun as a light bulb, and the Moon as a mirror, reflecting light from the light bulb.

Short Answer

(1) size

(2) features

(3) footprint

(4) temperatures

(5) bright

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