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End Year Examination (#1): Section F

Read the letter carefully. The words with spelling errors are in bold and the words with grammatical errors are underlined.
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   By the time they reached home, it was getting dark. They were expecting the house to be pisful (1) ___________, but the house was filled with noise and loud music. There was a party going on.


   Axel was feeling exzausted (2) ___________ already. All he wanted to do was to get a good night's rest. Just as he was reach (3) ____________ out for the doorknob, there was a loud explosion. Flames and smoke could be saw (4) ____________from the kitchen.


   People started rushing out of the buring house. Everything was in chaos. Screams were ringing in the air. It was sheer madness. Axel wanted to do something. He wanted to help. But he could not. It was then that he rielysed (5) ______________ his leg was bleeding and it was bleeding profusely.

Short Answer

(1) peaceful

(2) exhausted

(3) reaching

(4) seen

(5) realised

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