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End Year Examination (#1): Section E

Read the passage carefully. Choose the word from the words given in the boxes and write its letter (A to K) in each blank.


Each word can be used only once.


(A) begins

(C) although

(E) is

(G) were

(J) so

(B) was

(D) began

(F) moreover

(H) until

(K) however

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   It was a cloudy day in July. It started to drizzle at noon. By late afternoon, it was raining heavily. I had promised to go to a friend's house. (1) _____________ it was raining heavily, I decided to make my way there. On my way there, the rain got heavier and soon it looked like sheets of water (2) ____________ pouring from the sky. Luckily, I reached my friend's house safe and sound.


   My friend and I were watching television when we heard sounds of water gushing outside. We got up to check what (3) _____________ happening. To our surprise, we saw water rushing into the garage. When the flood (4) ____________ receding, I decided to head home.


   When I reached my hostel, I was surprised to see that the rain had broken down the roof of the hostel. So, my room, which ws on the third floor, was destroyed. I was moved to another room where there were clean beds. (5) _______________, there was no electricity or hot water for showers for the next three days. What a terrible experience!

Short Answer

(1) C

(2) G

(3) B

(4) D

(5) K

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