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Continual Assessment 1 (#3): Section B

Read the following passage carefully. Choose the correct answer.

mixing  accuracy  replaced  erase
easily   difficult     better       write
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The magic of a pencil lies in the fact that it does not blot or leak. Should you happen to make a mistake, it forgives you and lets you (1)________.

  In the past, people who wanted to (2)_________ or draw had to use mediums such as quill and ink, fragments of charcoal or sticks of coloured minerals. These are either expensive or (3)___________to use. They smudged easily and had to be (4)___________frequently. Moreover, they required extreme (5)_______while writing because erasing mistakes could not be done easily, if at all.

  Hence, a group of artists in Florence, Italy, decided to devise a (6)_______ medium to work with. After much experimentation, they found (7)_______ lead and tin made a medium that could last long on a surface. It could also be (8)_______erased with a few coarse breadcrumbs. They invented the first

Short Answer

1) erase
2) write
3) difficult
4) replaced
5) accuracy
6) better
7) mixing
8) easily

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