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Continual Assessment 1 (#2): Section C

Read the passage carefully. Choose the most suitable words given in the box.
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ID 18401
appropriately  fairly     information
programmes  reading  scanning

Many people like to watch television. They spend many hours each day watching their favourite (1)___________. As a result they spend less time (2)_____________books or talking to each other. However, if watched (3)_________________ some programmes allow people to gather up to date (4)________________ and obtain good entertainment.

Short Answer

1) programmes
2) reading
3) appropriately
4) information

ID 18402
big  breathe  burn  cold
hot  life        world

Robots are amazing machines. Robots can help people understand the (1)________we live in.

  They do not need air to (2) ___________. They do not need to eat. They can go where it is very, very hot or very, very (3) ________. They can be made to do certain things that people cannot do. For instance, people cannot walk inside volcanoes. Volcanoes are too (4)__________, so scientists can make a robot walk in a volcano to find out what gases burn inside it to learn more about volcanoes.

Short Answer

1) world
2) breathe
3) cold
4) hot

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