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Mid Year Examination (#3): Section D

Read the passage carefully. Choose the correct word from the words given in the box.
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ID 18420
after  at  for  into
on    up  with

  A shepherd felt bored looking at his sheep. He decided to play a trick (1)__________the villagers. He shouted loudly, "Wolf! Wolf!" Immediately, the villagers came running. He laughed (2)_________ them. He did this a few times. The villagers were angry (3)____________him.

  One fine day, a wolf really came. The shepherd again shouted, "Wolf! Wolf!". This time, nobody came to his rescue. They thought that the shepherd was (4)_____________ to his tricks again and ignored him.

Short Answer

1) on
2) at
3) with
4) up

ID 18421
happen          happened         has happened  have happened
is happening  was happening  will happen

  Mother stared in disbelief at the mess in the living room.   "What (1)___________just now?" I looked at Mother guiltily. "Mom, I didn't want this to (2)_________ either."   I told Mother that 1 had forgotten to close the front door. Before I knew what (3)____________, my dog, Snoopy, started racing around the living room. He leapt at Mother's precious vases and smashed them. Mother sighed, "I warned you about Snoopy, didn't 1? Now you know what (4)_________when he is allowed to come indoors."

Short Answer

1) happened
2) happen
3) was happening
4) will happen

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