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Mid Year Examination (#2): Section I

Read the passage below and answer questions. Your answer must be based on the passage.

  Mei Chin's mother passed away when she was Jen years old. Her father had to work: very hard to support Mei Chin and her five younger brothers. He worked as a fishmonger in the morning: In order to make ends meet, he also worked as a security guard in the afternoon.

  Two years after her mother's death, Mei Chin's father met with an accident. He was rushed to the hospital. Dr Lee, her father's surgeon, advised him to go for an operation as soon as possible. Mei Chin's jaw dropped when she learnt that the operation would cost twenty thousand dollars.
  Mei Chin was at a loss. She felt helpless. Then she decided to seek help from her relatives but none of them could help her family. As she was pacing up and down outside the hospital, she noticed a huge bungalow across the street. There seemed to be nobody in sight. Suddenly, an idea struck her.

  Quietly, Mei Chin walked towards the house. She noticed a small hole on the fence. She quickly crawled through it. A huge, well-kept lawn lay sprawled in front of her. As she silently crept towards the open window, she accidentally stepped on a twig.

  "Please come and join me for a cup of coffee," said an old man sitting on the porch. She almost jumped out of her skin and felt overwhelmed with shame. Slowly, Mei Chin went up and sat next to him.

  "Tell me my dear, why are you here?" asked the man.

  Tears started trickling down Mei Chin's cheeks. After telling her story, the old man felt sorry for Mei Chin and he gave her some money which Mei Chin accepted readily. In return, she offered to work as his gardener. She was very grateful to the old man.
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ID 18498
How old was Mei Chin when her father met an accident?



Long Answer

Mei Chin was twelve years old.

ID 18499
What did Mei Chin's father work as?



Long Answer

Mei Chin father worked as a fishmonger in the morning and a security guard in the afternoon.

ID 18500
Which four word phrase shows that Mei Chin's father was working very hard to support the family as he was not making enough money?



Long Answer

The phrase is 'to make ends meet'.

ID 18501
"Suddenly, an idea stuck her." What was the idea that Mei Chin had?



Long Answer

She had intended to steal money from the bungalow.

ID 18502
How did the old man know that someone had entered his house?



Long Answer

Mei Chin accidentally stepped on a twig.

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