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Mid Year Examination (#2): Section H

Each of the underlined words contains either a spelling or grammatical mistake. A wrong or missing punctuation mark is indicated by a _. Put the correct punctuation mark or word.
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  There was a commotion in the living room. Jenny (1) want to find out what had happened. She went up quietly to her mother.

  "What is going on (2) _" Jenny asked her mother.

  "Your brother, John, had been (3) catch shoplifting!" Jenny's lather cried. Jenny looked at her parents. They were furious and disappointed. Her father was pacing up and down, trying to calm himself down (4) _ .Then, she looked at her brother who was looking sorrowful.

  One of the policemen (5) contineued questioning him. John regretfully admitted that he had taken the pen as he was challenged by his friends. Thirty minutes later, the two policemen handcuffed John. Jenny watched painfully as her brother was led into the police car.

Short Answer

1) wanted
2) ?
3) caught
4) ,
5) continued

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