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Mid Year Examination (#1): Section D

Read the passage carefully. Choose the correct word from the words given in the box and write its letter (A to K) in each blank. The letter "I" has been omitted to avoid confusion.

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(A) cages   (B) energy  (C) visit       (D) less
(E) prey     (F) pool      (G) number  (H) door
(J) tricks    (K) more

  Many tourists will find the Jurong Bird Park a surprising place. This is especially true if they come expecting to see a lot of birds kept in (1)_______. Instead, the bird park is actually like a huge garden stretching over hills and valleys, with rocky cliffs for birds of (2) __________ like eagles and hawks and even a large (3) ____________ for penguins.
 If visitors have the (4) _________, they can walk around the bird park as they marvel at the great (5) _________ of beautiful birds. There are over three thousand of them!    However, for the (6)___________ energetic, there is a monorail that takes visitors around the park in ten minutes.

  The Jurong Bird Park is definitely worth a (7) _________. Not only do visitors get a chance to see so many birds in just one place, but they can also watch spectacular bjrd shows where specially trained birds perform amazing
(8) ____________. Visitors will leave the park fully satisfied!

Short Answer

1) A
2) E
3) F
4) B
5) G
6) D
7) C
8) J

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