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Continual Assessment 2 (#2): Section G

From the list of words in the box, choose the most suitable answer for each blank and write its letter ( A to Q ) in it. "I" and "O" have been omitted to avoid confusion in marking.

Use each word only ONCE.

(A) and
(D) any
(G) each
(K) most
(N) over
(B) although
(E) apart
(H) every
(L) near
(P) through
(C) all
(F) down
(J) into
(M) on
(Q) together

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Ah Lin looked longingly at the fruit. There were two of them, tied (1) __________ with gunny string. The smell of the durians reached her nostrils (2) __________ made her salivate. She knew she would not have the chance to eat it.

The family went out in the late morning. Uncle went to attend to his coffee shop while Aunt and Chuan Chuan went to the temple (3) __________ the market. Ah Lin stole back into the kitchen to have a look at the durians. (4) __________ a large slit in one of them, she could see the rich creamy softness of the durian flesh. An overpowering desire to taste this flesh drew her to the fruit. She squatted (5) __________ , pushed her small fingers inside the slit and scooped out a portion of the tasty flesh. She brought her fingers (6) __________ her mouth. She was thrilled at the delicious taste of the durian flesh. (7) __________ bit on the fingers was licked clean. After her fingers were cleaned completely, her tongue moved slowly (8) __________ her lips and beyond the lips towards the chin, to remove (9) ___________ smear of the precious stuff there.

She was very nervous and when the family came back, she kept her eyes (10) ___________ the ground and did not dare look at them.

Short Answer

(1)  Q
(2)  A
(3)  L
(4)  P
(5)  F
(6)  J
(7)  H
(8)  N
(9)  D
(10) M

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