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Continual Assessment 2 (#1): Section I

Fill in each blank with a suitable word.
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I remembered that day in 1970 well. it (1) __________ a blisteringly hot day and I was lined up for the "Potato Sack" race. (2) _________ nervous, I clutched ends of the sack in my (3) __________ tightly. I could see my parents sitting in the stands,  (4) __________ their hands wildly and yelling words of (5) __________. "Go on, Clara ! You can do it!" came repeatedly over the air above the deafening (6) ___________ of the rowdy crowd.

Sweat slowly (7) __________ down my face as I strained to listen for the crack  of the pistol going (8) __________. Would I be able take the honours? Could I run or hop (9) __________ than Geeta Menon? She was one of the quickest runners in the class. Then there went the gun!

I was running or rather hopping for my life! The turnaround cone was just up (10) __________! I told myself I musf not (11) __________. Rounding the cone, I noticed, out of the (12) __________ of my eye, that Geeta was not as agile as I thought. Yes, she was a good runner (13) ___________ with her feet in a sack, she seemed all tied up, like a clumsy oaf. My heart lifted a little then and I (14) __________ on reaching the finishing line first.

Lunging forward, I literally fell on top of the tape. I could not (15) ___________ my eyes and ears when my parents rushed up to congratulate me. I had won! I would cherish that moment for a long time afterwards.

Short Answer

(1)  was
(2)  Feeling
(3)  hands
(4)  waving
(5)  encouragement
(6)  noise
(7)  trickled
(8)  off
(9)  faster
(10) ahead

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