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Continual Assessment 2 (#1): Section G

From the list of words given, choose the most suitable word for each blank. Write its letter (A to Q) in the blank. The letters (I) and (O) have been omitted to avoid confusion during marking.


(A) while
(D) despite
(G) this
(K) between
(N) rather
(B) other
(E) besides
(H) whose
(L) those
(P) has
(C) as
(F) and
(J) another
(M) that
(Q) who

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Jonathan prepared himself to run in the "SpeedPost Times" Marathon by subscribing to a tough running routine. He kept up his daily five-kilometre run (1) __________ the fact that it rained for most of the two weeks before the sporting event. (2) __________ a precaution, Jonathan donned a waterproof parka and trackpants whenever he ran. Jonathan's father, (3) __________ is a retired coach, remarked that his son was a very determined fellow whenever he set his heart on something. He lets on that Jonathan's other love was water colour landscape painting. Faced with a choice (4) __________ the two, he chose one over the (5) __________. Jonathan himself has pointed out that he would (6) __________ run a marathon than sit still for hours with his painting.

Mr. Sundram pointed out that his son developed (7) __________ love for running long distances in his teens. As a young adult now, Jonathan dreams of becoming the national champion (8) __________ planning, at the same time, to take on the tougher marathon in Boston, USA.

Lately, Jonathan has also quashed (9) __________ rumours that he was unlikely to win because after all, it would be his fifth attempt at the championship title. Both father (10) __________ son are sure that the trophy will be added to their family treasures soon. For now, Jonathan continues his training.

Short Answer

(1)  D
(2)  C
(3)  Q
(4)  K
(5)  B
(6)  N
(7)  G
(8)  A
(9)  L
(10) F

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