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End Year Examination (#5): Section I

Fill in the blank with suitable word.
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A great part of Arabia is desert. Here there is (1) _________ but sand and rock. The sand is so hot in the daytime that you cannot walk on it with your (2) __________ feet. Here and there in the desert are springs of water (3) __________ down in the ground. Here the intense rays of the sun cannot (4) __________  them and dry them up. These springs are few and far (5) __________ from one another. Grass covers the ground all around them. Fig trees and tall palms surround the spring, (6) __________ it a cool, green and shady place. This is indeed a welcome (7) __________ for any hot and parched traveller seeking respite. Such a (8) __________ is known as an oasis.

Some Arabs live in the desert all the year round. They live in (9) __________ which can be dismantled very easily as they move from one oasis to another. This migration enables the nomads to (10) __________ shade and grazing ground for their flocks of sheep, goats and camels. The Arabs are (11) __________ to have the finest horses in the world. They are also passionate about their horses, acquiring equestrian skills of (12) __________ them since young. They are very fond of their horses and love them as much as their loved ones. The horses are (13) __________ in high esteem. They are also treated with much (14) __________ The Arabs even allow their horses to (15) __________ their tents with their families. Not surprisingly, they never put heavy loads upon their horses and look after them very well.

Short Answer

(1)  nothing
(2)  bare
(3)  deep
(4)  reach
(5)  away
(6)  making
(7)  sight
(8)  place
(9)  tents
(10) seek
(11) known
(12) riding
(13) held
(14) love
(15) share

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