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End Year Examination (#5): Section G

From the list of words given, choose the most suitable word for each blank. The letters (I) and (O) have been omitted to avoid confusion during marking.

(A) across
(D) away
(G) in
(K) off
(N) through
(B) against
(E) by
(H) into
(L) on
(P) up
(C) and
(F) from
(J) of
(M) past
(Q) with
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ID 10802
I spent six weeks at the bai, a kind of sanctuary for gorillas, in the Republic of the Congo, taking photographs of these fascinating creatures.

I was perched in a tree house. From here, I was able to view a clearing that drew my subjects from the dark forest and (1) __________ the sunlight. I went (2) __________ doctor's orders, recovering from hepatitis but determined to photograph one of the three bais along the Lokwe River in Odzala National Park.

Elephants help keep bais open (3) ___________ clearing trees and churning the forest floor  to  scoop  up mineral-rich  earth.  Other animals   move in  to  do  the  same (4) __________ to graze.

I camped far (5) __________ the bai to avoid spooking the animals (6) __________ my scent. It paid (7) __________ when I caught a gorilla family warily watching an elephant. I rose daily at 4.30 a.m. and fired (8) __________ my stove to make strong coffee and instant oatmeal. I then faced an adrenaline-pumping  walk (9) __________ thick foliages where potentially dangerous encounters with animals were always (10) __________ my mind. I know well the risk in facing a charging elephant or a defensive male gorilla.

~Adapted from National Geographic, 'The Clearing' by Michael Nichols, March 2001~

Short Answer

(1)  H
(2)  B
(3)  E
(4)  C
(5)  F
(6)  Q
(7)  K
(8)  P
(9)  N
(10) L

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