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End Year Examination (#3): Section I

Fill in each blank with a suitable word.
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Volcanoes are often considered a destructive force. When a volcano (1) __________ , it destroys both the land and people surrounding (2) __________ . Steam and ashes are forced through the (3) __________Of the volcano, spraying the surrounding area (4) _________ fiery debris and
boiling molten rock called lava.

Volcanoes can also be considered helpful. Many beautiful islands in the Pacific Ocean, (5) _________ as Hawaii, were completely formed by volcanic eruptions. These islands (6) __________ excellent soil and drinking water because the land is made of (7) __________ that has cooled and broken down to (8) __________ soil. When lava cools, it becomes porous, making pools where fresh water can pollect. As lava breaks down into soil, its minerals make the soil rich (9) __________ fertile. Cooled lava is also a good road-building material. In Iceland, the steam (10) __________ active volcanoes is used to supply heat and power (11) __________ factories and homes.

Many volcanoes have become tourist (12) __________ because they are so powerful and beautiful. People enjoy climbing (13) __________ to the top of these volcanoes to get a bird's eye (14) __________ of the countryside. Some like to stand at the crater's edge to (15) __________ at the bubbling lava and hot steam inside. At night, the hissing steam and glowing flames are a dramatic sight.

Adapted from INSIGHTS: Reading as Thinking

Short Answer

(1)  erupts
(2)  it
(3)  top
(4)  with
(5)  such
(6)  have
(7)  lava
(8)  form
(9)  and
(10) from
(11) to
(12) attraction
(13) up
(14) view
(15) look 

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