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End Year Examination (#3): Section H

Correct each word in bold for spelling and each underlined vvord(s) for grammar.
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Have you heard of Florence Nightingale? She is (1) popular known as the 'Lady with the Lamp'. Florence Nightingale was an (2) extrodinery woman. She came from a wealthy family and her parents had expected her to marry and settle down. Instead, she chose to be a nurse. She (3) apoached her parents about her desire to enter training as a nurse, but they were (4) horrific at the low-class nature of her interest, and tried to (5) disuede her. Ultimately, they (6) forbidden her. but within a few years, she ignored their protests and enrolled in the Institution of Deaconesses in Germany. She returned to London at the age of thirty-three to become the superintendent of a woman's hospital.

In 1854, thousands of wounded British (7) sholdgers were dying due to the poor
medical conditions in the makeshift hospitals that had been set up. The British people were angered that their men, who had served their country so well, were now being (8) niglekted in their hour of need.

Nightingale worked (9) tiredly, caring for them, day and night. By night, she carried a lamp through the corridors, stopping (10)  in times to help the suffering. For this, she was nicknamed the 'Lady with the Lamp'.

Short Answer

(1)  popularly
(2)  extraordinary
(3)  approached
(4)  horrified
(5)  dissuade
(6)  forbade
(7)  soldiers
(8)  neglected
(9)  tirelessly
(10) at

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