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End Year Examination (#1): Section I

Fill in each blank with a suitable word.
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An elderly woman was cheated of more than $5 000 by a conman claiming to be a 'miracle' doctor. Madam Tan Si Lian (1) __________ the conman at the void deck of her flat when she was there chatting with her friends.

Madam Tan said that the man introduced himself as Physician Loh, a doctor from Tibet. He commented that Madam Tan was not in good health and showed (2) __________ some black stones which were (3) __________ in a red bag. He claimed that the black stones had divine healing (4) _________ They would be able to (5) __________ her back to health. He also said that the black stones had cured many people with incurable illness in China. Thus, he was sure that the black stones (6) __________ help Madam Tan too. Because Physician Loh spoke so politely and looked so sincere, she readily (7) __________ him. She confided that she indeed often suffered (8) __________ backaches and pains in her joints.

He told her that numerous people wanted the black stones but as he was (9) __________ to meet Madam Tan, he decided to sell the black stones to her for a (10) ___________ fee. Madam Tan was elated and quickly went to an ATM and (11) __________ her money from her savings account without a second (12) __________. It was after she had handed the money (13) __________ to Physician Loh and taken the stones home that she (14) __________ she had been duped. When she washed the stones in hot water, their colour began to (15) __________ What she was left with were stones that had been painted with water colour!

Short Answer

(1)  met
(2)  her
(3)  put
(4)  powers
(5)  nurse
(6)  could
(7)  trust
(8)  from
(9)  fated
(10) small
(11) withdrew
(12) thought
(13) over
(14) realised
(15) disappear

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