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End Year Examination (#1): Section G

From the list of words given, choose the most suitable word for each blank.

(A) of
(D) by
(G) in
(K) the
(N) to
(B) within
(E) a
(H) off
(L) at
(P) on
(C) or
(F) and
(J) an
(M) as
(Q) for
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ID 10889
December 26, 2004 is a date to remember. That fateful morning, a severe earthquake occurred off the coast of Aceh, Indonesia. It caused (1) __________ ocean floor to shift abruptly. This movement (2) __________ turn caused  a big volume of seawater to be displaced. As a result, a tsunami was formed.

Fishermen noticed that the seawater retreated (3) __________ a few hundred metres from the shore. A period of stillness followed; (4) __________ minutes, however, a huge tidal wave rushed towards the shore (5) __________ speed of 800 kilometres per hour, equivalent to the speed of (6) __________ airplane. The wave reached a height often metres!

The tsunami destroyed a lot of property along the coast. The impact (7) _________ the waters claimed many lives as the victims were not fast enough (8) __________ escape. The tsunami travelled (9) __________ far as the east coast of India. It persisted (10) ___________ several hours. Almost 300 000 people drowned in the sea, were lost or declared missing. Indonesia was especially badly hit. This was deemed the worst natural disaster of the year.

Short Answer

(1)  K
(2)  G
(3)  H
(4)  B
(5)  L
(6)  J
(7)  A
(8)  N
(9)  M
(10) Q

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