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Continual Assessment 1 (#3): Section I

Fill in the blanks with a suitable word.
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A farmer woke up one morning and was (1) __________ to find a peculiar circle on his land. It was about fourteen metres in diameter and all the (2) ____________ in the circle appeared to have (3) ___________ without any reason.

The farmer immediately (4) ___________ the authorities who sent scientists (5) __________ the site. They found that the crop inside the circle had been killed (6) __________ the most unusual way. All the moisture had been instantly drained (7) __________ the crop, and the centre of each bush was nothing (8) __________ carbon. There were also (9) __________ of radioactivity in the area. Scientists could clearly see three V-shaped grooves in the ground inside the circle. (10) ____________ formed a perfect triangle.

A leading horticultural consultant told reporters, "Some object appears to have landed on the spot and taken off, (11) ____________ energy which cooked the plants." He thought that some kind of radiation had cooked the crops instantaneously from the inside outward - (12) ____________ to   the method used in infra-red cooking but on an enormous (13) ____________. He   added, "A meteorite or lightning could not have done (14) ___________ ."

The strange incident was (15) ____________ in newspapers and soon the 'Crop Circles' became the talk of the town.

Short Answer

(1)  shocked
(2)  vegetation
(3)  died
(4)  informed
(5)  examine
(6)  in
(7)  from
(8)  but
(9)  evidence
(10) these
(11) releasing
(12) similar
(13) scale
(14) this
(15) reported

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