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Continual Assessment 1 (#2): Section J

Fill in each blank with a suitable word.

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The thistle is not a very popular plant. As a matter of fact, it is (1) _________ a pest by many farmers. The thistle plant is not very pretty and it is covered with small "needles" that can (2) __________ and irritate the skin. Thistles (3) __________ in thick patches and spread rapidly. How could such a (4) __________ become the national flower of a country? An oj,d story tells of how the thistle played an (5) __________ role in saving the castle of the king of Scotland.


Thousands of years ago, the Vikings were warriors who (6) __________ towns and castles in different countries. They (7) ___________ the riches and burned everything that was left. Most castles were surrounded (8) __________ a moat, a large ditch filled with water. The Vikings would simply take off their shoes and wade or swim (9) __________ the moat.


One night the Vikings surrounded the Scottish king's castle. Everyone inside was (10) ____________ and did not know they were about to be attacked. When the Vikings came to the (11) __________ they removed their shoes. They stepped into the moat and (12) __________ to howl in pain. The Scottish had not filled their moat with water. (13) ___________ the moat was full of prickly thistles!


The (14) __________ of the Vikings woke the Scotts and they were able to chase the Vikings (15) ___________ The Scottish were thankful for the wonderful thistles that saved their king.

Short Answer

(1)  considered

(2)  prick

(3)  grow

(4)  plant

(5)  important

(6)  destroyed
(7)  stole

(8)  by

(9)  across

(10) asleep

(11) moat

(12) began

(13) Instead

(14) Screams

(15) away

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