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Mid Year Examination (#4): Section I

Fill in each blank with a suitable word.
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It was the eve of Christmas in 1974. The weather forecast (1) ___________ the people living in the coastal resort of Koh Samui in Thailand of an approaching tropical storm. Many did not (2) ____________ the warning because they were in a festive mood. Their merrymaking soon turned to grief.

Packing wind speeds of up to 230 km per hour, the storm slammed (3) ___________ Koh Samui in the early hours of Christmas Day. The entire town was (4) ___________ . In less than three hours. Collapsed (5) __________ overturned vehicles and fallen trees dominated the landscape. The calamity (6) __________ the lives of 623 people, including tourists from Europe and North America. About 3000 were injured while more than 60 were reported missing.

Efforts to help the (7) __________ started soon after the storm. Priority was given to (8) ___________ them with food, water, medicine and clothing. At the same time, the homeless were (9) ___________ to temporary shelters set up by the Thai military. Widespread flooding, however, made rescue operations very difficult and risky as many roads were submerged in (10)__________ . Boats and helicopters were deployed from the (11) ___________ areas of Koh Samui to solve the problem quickly.

Koh Samui took almost a year to (12) ____________ from the effects of the tropical storm. It gradually developed into one of the most (13) __________ tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. But catastrophe struck again on 26 December 2004. On that fateful day, a (14) ___________ powerful-earthquake rocked the seabed off the coast of Sumatra. Its massive strength astonished scientists and geologists (15) ___________ the world. The gigantic tidal wave, or tsunami, that resulted from the earthquake imp'acted Koh Samui and many other places.

Short Answer

(1)  warned
(2)  heed
(3)  into
(4)  destroyed
(5)  buildings
(6)  took
(7)  injured
(8)  providing
(9)  sent
(10) water
(11) surrounding
(12) recover
(13) renowned
(14) immensely
(15) around

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