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Mid Year Examination (#4): Section H

Correct each bold word for spelling and each underlined word for grammar. 
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The sandwich is easily prepared and well-liked by people. But have you ever
wondered how the sandwich (1) gets its name? John Montagu, a British gentleman from a place called Sandwich, must be given the credit. He was (2) fone of card games and could play for hours. In order to (3) setisfy his hunger during the games, he (4) will eat pieces of bread with thin slices of meat between them. This simple (5) combineition of ingredients soon gained popularity.

Over the years, chefs around the world (6) had created new and interesting varieties of the sandwich to (7) tantelize the taste buds of people. Many restaurants today serve different types of sandwich on their menu. In fact, the famous hamburger was (8) develop from it. So, the next time you visit a fast-food restaurant, do not forget the (9) oreginel, humble sandwich.

Health-conscious people tend to shun the hamburger and go for a sandwich that offers good nutrition. A sandwich with leafy vegetables and grilled lean meat is (10) certain better than greasy hamburgers with fanciful names like "Bif O' Luv" and "Hopper".

Short Answer

(1)  got
(2)  fond
(3)  satisfy
(4)  would
(5)  combination
(6)  have
(7)  tantalize
(8)  developed
(9)  original
(10) certainly

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