PSLE English Composition Topics

Topic 7


Things to think about

  • What was killed? Was it a person? Animal/Insect?
  • What was the killer? Was it a person? Animal/Insect? Disease? Thing?
  • Why was it killing? Crime? Revenge? Nature?
  • Where did it happen?
  • When did it happen?
  • What happened in the end?

A sample beginning

Here is an example starting paragraph to this essay to give you some ideas.. If you are stuck, please feel free to use this. However, we would rather you use your own beginning. It is always a delight to read what is swmming around in someone else's imgination.
Every year they kill thousands of people. Last week, the best friend I had ever had was killed by one of them. They are drug traffickers. They sell powdered death to innocent and gullible people who believe in their false promises of instant pleasure and fun. But they will not be the only killers. Today I will kill the people who killed my best friend. The police have told me that if I agree to go to court today to witness against the people who sold drugs to my friend, it will be enough to sentence them to death.
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