PSLE English Composition Topics

Topic 1

A hearbreaking Christmas

Things to think about

  • Why was it heartbreaking?
  • Was it a death of a close friend/relative/pet?
  • A disappointment?
  • Who was heartbroken?
  • What did he/she do when after receiving the heartbreaking news?
  • Where did it happen?
  • When did it happen?

An example beginning

Here is an example starting paragraph to this essay to give you some ideas.. If you are stuck, please feel free to use this. However, we would rather you use your own beginning. It is always a delight to read what is swmming around in someone else's imgination.
Johan's relatives and even some close friends were all gathered for his Christmas party. Since his birthday fell on Christmas, Johan only received presents once a year instead of twice like the rest of us. As you quite expect, it made this day extra special for him. But the most special thing was, this time of year, Johan's big brother would come over from Malaysia where he lived.
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